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買賣區 - [SELL]98%New XDA II-Chinese Version

mfterry - 2005-06-27 2:23
文章主題: [SELL]98%New XDA II-Chinese Version
Chinese Version (Can tell you how to convert to Engish version, if you want),Hong Version-Synergy, 跟機有: 原裝盒 , 原裝電話套 x 1 (Never used before), 原裝Stero Headset x 1 (Never used before), 原裝Stylus x 1 , 原裝HotSync坐 x 1 , 原裝火牛 x 1 , 原裝CD x 1, Battery x 2,(One-never used before), Have protected with Ultra Clear Protector, No Warranty, Only used few times, Trade in Wanchai MTR ONLY.Asked for $2,950.
PLEASE EMAIL TO [email protected]
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