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註冊時間: 2002-08-19
文章: 25672
來自: 俗世

發表發表於: 2005-06-13 10:18    文章主題: 英國移動垃圾桶及長凳 引言回覆


Singing benches let loose in city
Roaming bins
There are plans to name each of the bins and benches
Robotic bins that move and chuckle, benches that flock together and sing when the sun comes out, have been unleashed in Cambridge.

The Junction, one of the city's arts venues, unveiled the public arts display in the Plaza on Thursday.

The "interactive" technology will allow the street furniture to respond to members of the public.

The six bins and six benches - which are solar-powered - were created by London artists, Greyworld.

Andrew Shoben, from Greyworld, said: "At first glance it may look like nothing has changed at all but the bins and benches all have unique personalities.

"They are what's called "generative" so that over time they develop more and more personality.

Interactive bin and bench
Bins and benches may become attracted to each other

"You'll find that one bench may be particularly attracted to a particular bin. They will chuckle and giggle sometimes or make rude noises."

Artistic and executive director of The Junction, Paul Bogen, said: "They're great because they're fun and art should be fun and it should be something people enjoy and not just stodgy and theoretical."

Mr Bogen hopes the cutting edge technology would help keep the bins and benches safe from theft.

The Junction has a three year maintenance contract with Greyworld and plans to name all the bins and benches individually to make carrying out repairs easier.

The project cost £110,000 and was funded by the Arts Council and the National Lottery.
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