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AudioVox Or Toshiba PPC 跳動畫面自救 by Long

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註冊時間: 2002-08-19
文章: 593
來自: 菇碌星-_-"

發表發表於: 2002-11-27 16:49    文章主題: AudioVox Or Toshiba PPC 跳動畫面自救 by Long 引言回覆

作者 : Long

Hi Buddies,

I found a solution for resolve the flinkering screen problem. Please note that below were the information from the other page and it is NOT originallyfrom me. BUT I make it works! and very happy!!!!

Issue Description: The screen of the Maestro will flicker (usually towards the bottom of the screen), especially with high brightness levels.
Issue Solution:
Take the grips off.
Take the screws out of the sides.
Take the screws out of the back (including under the CF flap).
Carefully pry around the edges of the device, releasing the locktabs one at a time. (Do this with a blunt object, preferably plastic - a plastic screwdriver is perfect.)
Lift the front cover off.
On the bottom, there is a screw under the screen, near the directional pad and speaker. Slowly turn it, but not too far (this can cause weird the screen changing color). It should stop flickering when you find a good place, turning the screw either way, but preferably clockwise (though either direction will work). You should be able to find a setting where the flicker disappears (try this on a screen where you notice the flicker the most, at the brightness setting you can see it flicker most). (Picture)
After you're happy....put the thing back together...
Snap it together, making sure not to get the metal on the sides of the device stuck between the plastic covers.
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