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Collaborations-SIN[AD O’CONNOR

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註冊時間: 2002-08-19
文章: 25672
來自: 俗世

發表發表於: 2005-05-24 1:40    文章主題: Collaborations-SIN[AD O’CONNOR 引言回覆


1. Special Cases (Radio Edit) - with Massive Attack
2. 1000 Mirrors - Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Sinmad O'Connor
3. Empire - Bomb The Bass Feat. Sinmad O'Connor & Benjamin Zep
4. Guide Me God - with Ghostland
5. Visions Of You - Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart Ft. S. O'Connor
6. Release (Album Edit) - with Afro Celt Sound System
7. Wake Up And Make Love With Me - with The Blockheads
8. Kingdom Of Rain (Album Version) - with The The
9. I’m Not Your Baby - U2 & Sinmad O'Connor
10. Tears From The Moon (Album Version) - Conjure One Feat. Sinmad O'Connor
11. Blood Of Eden (Radio Edit) - Peter Gabriel & Sinmad O'Connor
12. Harbour - Moby Feat. Sinmad O'Connor
13. Up In Arms - with Aslan
14. It’s All Good - Damien Dempsey Feat. Sinmad O'Connor
15. Heroine (Theme from "Captive") - The Edge & Sinmad O'Connor
16. Monkey In Winter - The Colourfield Feat. Sinmad O'Connor
17. All Kinds Of Everything - Sinmad O'Connor & Terry Hall

SIN[AD O’CONNOR呢次真係曬冷, U2, Peter Gabriel, Moby, Asia Dub Foundation, Massive Attack, Terry Hall, ...其他唔識了, 但因為個個唔同, 成隻碟d歌雜得好緊要, 但又唔錯, 以前我唔會聽得晒一隻Sinead O'Connor, 呢隻難得搵到七成可以.

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註冊時間: 2002-08-20
文章: 423
來自: mememomo

發表發表於: 2005-05-24 16:26    文章主題: Re: Collaborations-SIN[AD O’CONNOR 引言回覆

[quote="餃"]以前我唔會聽得晒一隻Sinead O'Connor, 呢隻難得搵到七成可以. [ quote]
/She is a good singer. but somehow it is difficult to hear her album through the end. 'Nothing compares to you' is the only one that I can finish.
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