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[新機] Motorola 的 Windows on RAZR !

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註冊時間: 2002-08-19
文章: 11726

發表發表於: 2005-06-29 15:55    文章主題: [新機] Motorola 的 Windows on RAZR ! 引言回覆

According to this, there will be two models in this series, which has the code-name Franklin. Both will be very similar internally, but externally they will be quite different, with just about the only thing in common is being super-slim and light.

One model will have a tablet design, with a 324-by-240-pixel (QVGA) display above a keyboard. The second will be a clamshell, with a QVGA screen on one side and a number pad on the other.

The clamshell model will be 4.4 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick. (112 mm by 64 mm by 11.5 mm). It will weigh about 4.1 ounces (115 g).


點解,Palm 越來越大部,反而 PPC 就越來越嬌小呢? Palm 的 CEO 都係要扐去化糞池。

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Donald Duck

註冊時間: 2002-08-20
文章: 7632
來自: 香港迪士尼

發表發表於: 2005-06-29 16:11    文章主題: 引言回覆

Leo got your engines fired like you're running Daytona. That's fine. Keep them there. Guess what? Mistakes are gonna be made. Minimize them, fix them, move on. We do this right, people are going to respond. You all had a good day.
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